A teenage hobby of painting turned into later years of photography. Her beginnings of photography were in Frankfurt Germany where she was given a camera and learned how to develop black and white film. Off and on through the years Bren has made crafts with her photography. In 2006 through changes in her life, she started making photography greeting cards with her floral photos and that has now turned into a new career.

She has found a creative outlet through her photography in her Fine Art work. The name of her company is to tribute to her design capabilities; she has always has a natural gift for color and design. Bren turns her digital photos into works of art that are unique. Every piece is designed to be a collectable and are printed on museum quality Fine Art Giclée Paper and Canvas. She is excited about the different choices of media and print sizes for her photography.

You will also see Bren's creative work flowing into her Professional Photography work as well, her intimate shots capture the very heart and soul of the person she is working with.

Bren was inspired when she worked with Non-Profit Organizations to help change the lives of children around the world. A portion of her proceeds go to Charitable Organizations each quarter. Her visions is written on the back of each card, and read " Together bringing hope and a brighter future for children around the world. Share in the opportunity to provide food, education, health care and cures for diseases to children otherwise left to a life without hope. Let's change lives." .

Bren is expecting to expand her clientele by using the internet. She says she is hoping that people everywhere will want to share with their friends and family..